Welcome to IKEA

1. You choose the desirable day & time and complete the form with your personal data, in order to book an appointment in Athens Kifissos Store here. You agree to the Terms and Conditions after you have read them.

2. You fill in the questionnaire stating the number of rooms that you would like to decorate using our specialized advice.

3. You prepay the value of the service (100€ or 200€ depending on the m2 of the space that you want to decorate) via credit/debit card and Paypal.

4. Our Home Furnishing Advisor will communicate with you five (5) days before your appointment in the store, in order to book a date for the measurement of your space. During this appointment Service One, our specialized partner, will visit your home in order to take all necessary measurements and also take some photos.

5. On the day of the appointment at the store, you will have the chance to discuss your needs and preferences with our specialized and experienced Home Furnishing advisor will provide you with personalized advice to fit your home. Our Home Furnishing Advisor will book with you a second appointment in the store, in order to complete the plan.

6. During the second appointment in the store, we present the final Home furnishing proposal with IKEA products and we will give you a sales quote that will include all IKEA products along with the delivery and assembly service prices, if you wish to combine your order with the respective services.

7. You can complete the purchase of your products at the store via the available means of payment. The Home furnishing advice service amount can be returned in the form of an equal discount applied to the total amount of your purchase. You may find more here.