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• The Home Furnishing Advice service charge is 100€ for planning spaces up to 50 m2 και 200€ for spaces bigger than 50 m2 and up to 200m2. The service charge depends on the dimensions you have stated in the electronic form. The final dimensions of your home are confirmed by our specialized partner (Service one) during the visit at your home for the measurement. In case the final dimensions are over 50m2 you should pay for the price difference during your first appointment in the store.

• The Home Furnishing Advice charge is deducted from the final value of the products that the customer will purchase, at the time of payment at the Store checkouts in the form of a discount:
- 100€ discount: applied for purchases over 750€.
- 200€ discount: applied for purchases over 1.500€.
The discount is valid for purchases that will be done within 20 days after the second appointment when the customer receives the Home Furnishing proposal.

• In case of a customer’s change of mind after the completion of the measurement at home, the value of the service will not be refunded.

• It is necessary for the measurement of your space to be completed by our specialised partner (Service One), prior to the customer’s first appointment with our Home Furnishing Advisor in the store, in order to have all measurements and photos available for the proposal. Five (5) days before the first appointment in the store, the Home Furnishing Advisor contacts the customer in order to book the appointment with Service one.

• The Home Furnishing advice service includes a premeasurement appointment with the specialised partner (Service One) and two appointments with the Home Furnishing advisor in the store. At the last appointment in the store, the Home Furnishing advisor gives the Sales quote for the products of the customer’s choice.

• The duration of the first appointment is up to one (1) hour for spaces up to 50 m2 and up to two hours (2) for bigger spaces. The duration of the second appointment is up to two (2) hours for spaces up to 50 m2 and up to three (3) hours for bigger spaces. Every extra hour is charged by 50€ per hour, non-refundable.

• Any change that the customer wishes should be sent via e-mail to the Home Furnishing Advisor at acs.hfadvice@ikea.gr for the Sales Quote to be updated accordingly. In case the customer wishes changes in the initial plan, a new appointment is booked with the Home Furnishing advisor in the store with a charge of 50€ per hour, non-refundable.

• The service payment is possible only through credit/debit card and Paypal.

and should be completed before the technician’s visit to the customer’s home for the measurement and photos.

• The service is applied only to home that are located within Zone 1 in Athens. You may find the Postal Codes eligible for the service here.

• The collection of the products and the booking of the appointments for the services of delivery and assembly are being arranged from the Home Furnishing advisor. The final furniture order can be paid either via credit card in the store or bank deposit. Additionally the customer may become a member of the IKEA FAMILY program. More information can be found here.

• After the completion of the second appointment, the Home Furnishing Advisor calls the customer in order to book a second appointment. During this appointment a complete decoration proposal, for the space of your preference, will be presented to the customer along with a Sales Quote that will include product prices and delivery and assembly costs.

The company under the name “HOUSEMARKET S.A.” (Data Controller) shall collect and process the personal data of its customers within the framework of its transactions with the customer for specified, express and legal purposes and these data shall not be submitted to further processing in a way incompatible with those purposes. The company shall apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection and safe processing of these data in a way that guarantees their appropriate safe maintenance and their protection from an unauthorized or illegal processing and random loss, destruction or damage, whereas it shall take care so that these data shall be suitable, relevant and limited only to the really required for the purposes they are submitted to processing.
The data of our customers are submitted to lawful and fair processing in a transparent way, safely stored and used for various purposes which the company has communicated to the customer. The company shall make every effort so that the data of its customers should be accurate and, in case it is required, be updated, taking all reasonable measures for the direct deletion or correction of personal data which are inaccurate, in relation to the purposes of processing.

The customer (m/f) in this document declares that he/she gives his/her consent
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B. to the processing of his/her data for the purpose of their transmission from “HOUSEMARKET S.A.” to third parties-processors for the purposes of customer satisfaction surveys/
The customer is particularly informed that he/she may withdraw his/her consent to any form of processing by his/her later declaration. He/she is also informed about his/her rights stemming from the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 issued by the European Parliament and the Council on the 27th of April 2016, about the notification for his/her data, the correction and update of his/her data, the demand for their deletion («right to be forgotten»), the limitation of his/her data processing the portability of his/her data and his/her objection to the automated self-decision-making, without prejudice to the compliance of the company with a legal obligation which imposes that the right should not be fulfilled, in whole or in part, under the Union’s law or under the laws of the member state to which the controller is subject or for the fulfilment of a task executed in the public interest or during the exercise of public power assigned to the controller.