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Physical play

Let us go to the park

Playing means the world to children. It’s the way they develop and they learn about the world. This is why it’s really important to think as children when we create toys. Our toys are safe, creative and funny.
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7 Products

PLUFSIG folding gym mat, 102.628.31
PLUFSIG folding gym mat
€ 39.99
195 reward points
IKEA PS 2014 balancing bench, 402.629.57
IKEA PS 2014 balancing bench
€ 49.99
245 reward points
LATTJO dart game, 103.022.43
LATTJO dart game
€ 16.99
80 reward points
SANDIG 5-piece toy baking set, 004.044.64
SANDIG 5-piece toy baking set
€ 2.99
10 reward points
SANDIG spade, 404.044.62
SANDIG spade
€ 1.49
5 reward points
SANDIG 4-piece sandpit set, 804.044.60
SANDIG 4-piece sandpit set
€ 4.99
20 reward points
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