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FLYTTBAR trunk for toys, 703.288.53 [1]
FLYTTBAR trunk for toys, 703.288.53
Product Information

Product dimensions

Length: 35 cm
Width: 25 cm
Height: 15 cm

Package dimensions

Package Number: 1
Length: 37 cm
Width: 26 cm
Height: 4 cm
Diameter: -
Net Weight: 0.32 kg
Gross Weight: 0.33 kg
Gross Volume: 3.5 l


100% polyester


Malin Unnborn


A trunk for toys that looks like a suitcase – perfect for everything needed when it’s time to go on an adventure at home.The practical handle makes the trunk easy to take out and put away, even for small children. It’s also easy to open and close since the lid attaches with touch-and-close fastening.
Easy to label with a name or contents since the trunk has a label holder sewn on the lid.Press together to save space when not in use.

trunk for toys


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Product code: 703.288.53
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