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Hooks and hangers

Just hang it up

Hooks and hangers are probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep things wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find (especially in the morning before heading to school). We have a wide range of clothes hangers that hold everything from Hawaiian shirts to polka dot skirts. And all sorts of different hooks that give almost anything a lift.
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6 Products

KROKIG clothes stand, 201.745.08
KROKIG clothes stand
€ 29.99
145 reward points
BAGIS children`s coat-hanger, 300.247.16
BTI BAGIS children`s coat-hanger
€ 1.99
5 reward points
HANGA children`s coat-hanger, 601.787.69
HANGA children`s coat-hanger
€ 3.99
15 reward points
VANSKAPLIG children`s coat-hanger, 3 pack, 303.332.72
KROKIG wall hook, 3 pack, 401.933.32
KROKIG wall hook, 3 pack
€ 2.99
10 reward points
FLISAT knob rack with 4 knobs, 702.735.96
FLISAT knob rack with 4 knobs
€ 6.99
30 reward points
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