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Spice Jars

Spice up all your meals!

Why not use transparent spice jars in your spice rack? That way you?ll always know when you?re running short, plus the colourful spices will brighten up your kitchen. Here you can also find salt and pepper shakers, spice mills and more to help you add extra flavour to your food.
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8 Products

IKEA/365+ spice mill, 101.528.75
IKEA/365+ spice mill
€ 5.99
25 reward points
IKEA/365+ spice jar, 201.528.70
IKEA/365+ spice jar
€ 3.99
15 reward points
RAJTAN spice jar,  4 pack, 400.647.02
New lower price RAJTAN spice jar, 4 pack
€ 1.99
5 reward points
Previous price until 08/2018
€ 2.29
PLATS salt/pepper shaker, set of 2, 802.336.75
PLATS salt/pepper shaker, set of 2
€ 2.99
10 reward points
RIMFORSA container, 4 pack, 802.820.67
RIMFORSA container, 4 pack
€ 9.99
45 reward points
RIMFORSA holder for containers, 802.962.67
RIMFORSA holder for containers
€ 9.99
45 reward points
INTRESSANT spice mill, 503.018.97
INTRESSANT spice mill
€ 16.99
80 reward points
ORTFYLLD spice jar, 603.913.50
new ORTFYLLD spice jar
€ 2.49
10 reward points
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