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Frequently Asked Questions e-shop

1. Can I shop online?

The IKEA eshop is here and waiting for you to shop for your home or business, from the comfort of your home or when you are “on the go” via our optimized mobile website!
All products that have the “Add to basket” tab . If a product has only the “Add to wish list” tab , it is only available at our stores. Search for the product you wish to buy by entering the name or the article number or the product description, on the search string at the top of our webpage.

Step 1
After you have filled your shopping basket, enter the postal code of your shipping destination. This way you can see the transportation cost for your online order before proceeding with the completion of the order. Then select the way of transportation between cargo or courier, and destination, home delivery or hub (where applicable). When all these are complete, select “Continue order” .

Step 2
Continue your shopping as a member or as a guest. If you wish to become a member in our website you will be asked to fill in your personal data. If you are also a member of our loyalty program, you have the choice to connect your IKEA Family membership with the site membership and collect points every time you shop online.

Step 3
If you wish to issue a receipt or an invoice (in case you are buying for your business) this is the time to choose it. Fill in the shipping address details, as they might be different than your billing address information. At the final stage, choose your preferred payment method:
• Cash on delivery (valid for purchases up to 500€ in selected areas throughout Greece)
• Credit card
• Bank deposit (an additional 2-day delivery timeframe applies)
• Paypal

Step 4
Don’t forget to select when you have finalized your order! Now, all you have to do is sit back and relax!
You have the chance to follow your order status via your profile. Furthermore, you receive the following notifications via email (and SMS if you have chosen so):
• Order registered
• Order sent
• Order delivered at final destination

In case you do not receive any of the above emails we encourage you to inform us, so we could take all necessary actions. Contact us at 8011122722 (local charge applies), or at 210 3543403 if you are calling from a mobile or abroad, or alternatively send us an email at cs.ecommerce@ikea.gr.

2. How can I pay for my online order?

• Credit card
We offer you interest free installments with all credit cards. You may choose up to 24 interest free installments for purchases over 400€, or up to 12 interest free installments for purchases over 100€. The installments option is not available in case you are using a debit card.

• Bank deposit
You can pay by bank deposit via the following banks: Alpha bank, National bank, Eurobank, Peiraeus bank and Citibank.

• Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is an option for orders up to 500€ (delivery costs included), available in zone 1 and in selected areas throughout Greece.

• Coupons from promotional activities

• Paypal*

* The use of Greek credit cards is temporarily non available due to the legislative act of capital controls.

3. Can I track my order?

If you are already a member in our website www.IKEA.gr you have the choice to track your order via your website profile. Further to that, after completing your order, you will receive the following notification emails (and SMS if you have selected this choice):

• Order registered
• Order sent
• Order delivered

4. How can I be sure that my order has been registered?

After completing your order, you wil lreceive a notification email (and SMS if you have selected this choice), that will confirm that your order has been registered.

5. How is the shipping cost for online orders calculated?

a. Deliverycharges
The delivery price list is common throughout Greece, for all our IKEA stores, IKEA pick up points and the IKEA eshop. The charges depend on the product weight and your postal code. After adding the products to your basket, you can fill in your postal code and see the delivery charge and the timeframe for your delivery before proceeding to the checkout.

b. Delivery timeframe
• Zones 1, 2 και 3: 5 working days
(Greek prefectural capitals and regions of these prefectural capitals)
• Zones 4: 6 working days
(Remote areas–Greek mainland)
• Zones 5: 7 working days
(Remote areas–Greek islands)

 6. How can I get in touch with IKEA eshop?

You may contact us at 210 3543403 if you are calling from a mobile phone or abroad, and at 8011122722 if you are calling from a landline (local charge applies). You can also reach us by emailat cs.ecommerce@ikea.gr.

7. Why should I become a member at your website www.IKEA.gr?

You can create your personal profile on our website or continue your shopping as a guest. Our website members have the choice to track their online order through their personal profile. In case you become an IKEA Family member as well, you will also have the chance to collect points every time you shop online.

9. What is the return policy for products bought from ΙΚΕΑ eshop?

You can return your product within 40 days with the original receipt or invoice of purchase.

Contact us for more details.