Terms & Conditions

• The service charge is 200€ per room up to 50m2. For rooms over 50m2 there is an additional charge of 4€ per m2. It is automatically calculated based on the information you fill on the online form. The final dimensions are confirmed by our specialized partner who visits your space for the measurement. In case the final measurement exceeds the square meters (m2) you have filled in the form, you will be charged for the difference and the repayment will be made at your first store appointment. This charge is not refundable.

• The Home Furnishing Advice charge is deducted from the final value of the specific furniture proposal for the preset room(s), at the time of payment at the Store checkouts in the form of a discount. The discount is valid for purchases made within 40 days upon the received home furnishing proposal during the second appointment. The value of the furniture should be over 750€ (final payment value excluding any services or discounts).

• If you change your mind before completing the appointments (with the Home Furnishing Advisor and/or the specialized technician), the service fee may be refunded in the same way as you initially paid (Paypal/debit or credit card).

• If you change your mind after the completion of the appointments, the value of the service cannot be refunded

• Prior to your first appointment with our Home Furnishing Advisor at the store, it is necessary to arrange a visit by our specialized partner, in order to take the necessary measurements and photos of your space for the proposal. The Home Furnishing Advisor will contact you five (5) days prior to your fist appointment to book the measurement service.

• The Home Furnishing advice service includes a measurement appointment with the specialized partner and two appointments with the Home Furnishing advisor in the store. During the last store appointment, the Home Furnishing advisor gives the Sales quote for the customer’s choice products.

• The duration of the first appointment is up to one (1) hour and the second appointment up to two (2) hours. Every extra hour is charged with 50€ which are not refundable.

• Upon completion of the second appointment, the customer may inform the Furniture Advisor within 20 calendar days of any change he wishes to make to the proposed shopping list. The update can be made by an e-mail to the relevant contact email of the Furniture Advisor of the selected store. If you want to make changes to the basic plan, a new appointment is set at the store with a 50€ per hour fee which is not refundable.

• The service payment is possible only through a credit/debit card or Paypal and should be completed before the technician’s visit to your space for the measurement and photos.

• This service is exclusive for residences located within zone 1 of each IKEA store. Find out more regarding the relevant Zip Codes here.

• The picking of the products and the booking of the appointments for the delivery and assembly services are arranged by the Home Furnishing advisor. You may pay your order with the available payment methods at the store or with a bank deposit. Additionally you may become a member of the IKEA FAMILY program. More information can be found here.

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The data of our customers are submitted to lawful and fair processing in a transparent way, safely stored and used for various purposes which the company has communicated to the customer. The company shall make every effort so that the data of its customers should be accurate and, in case it is required, be updated, taking all reasonable measures for the direct deletion or correction of personal data which are inaccurate, in relation to the purposes of processing.

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