Terms and conditions

• The service charge is 200€ per room up to 50m2. For rooms over 50m2 there is an additional charge of 4€ per m2. The service charge is automatically calculated based on the information you fill in the online form. The final dimensions are confirmed by our specialized partner who visits your space to take the measurement, unless you choose to use the measurements that you will send us. In case the final measurement exceeds the square meters (m2) you have filled in the form, you will be charged for the difference and the repayment will be made online before your first (physical or online) store appointment. This charge is not refundable.

• The service charge is deducted from the final price of the complete furniture proposal made for the specific room(s), at the time of issue of the receipt/invoice in the form of a discount, given that the two following conditions are met:

  • The total price of the furniture ordered should be over 750€ (final payment price excluding any services or discounts) and
  • The purchase is made within twenty (20) calendar days upon the received home furnishing proposal.

• If you change your mind before completing the appointments (with the Home Furnishing Advisor and/or the specialized technician of Service one, the company we are in partnership with), the service charge may be refunded according to the initial payment method (Paypal / debit or credit card).

• If you change your mind after the appointments for the measurement have taken place, the service price cannot be refunded.

• Before the first appointment of the service takes place it is necessary for a visit at your space to be arranged with a specialized technician of the installation company we are in partnership with, in order to take the necessary measurements and photos of the spaces where the furniture proposals will be implemented. For the purpose of arranging the appointment, you will be contacted by the Home Furnishing Advisor five (5) days prior to the appointment you have chosen. In case you choose to take the measurements by yourself you should send them to us, along with the photos of the space, no later than five (5) days prior to the first (physical or online) appointment.

• The service includes a measurement appointment at your space and two appointments with the Home Furnishing advisor at the store or online via Microsoft Teams service. Even if you choose to take the measurements by yourself the service charge will be the same. During the last appointment, the Home Furnishing advisor presents to you a complete furniture proposal and drafts a low budget offer for the products you have chosen.

• The duration of the first appointment with the Home Furnishing advisor is up to one (1) hour and of the second appointment is up to two (2) hours. Any extra hour with the Home Furnishing advisor is charged with 50€ which are not refundable.

• After the second appointment has taken place, the customer may inform the Home Furnishing Advisor within 20 calendar days of any change he/she wishes to make regarding the suggested products. It is possible to inform on the changes by sending an email to the contact e-address of the Home Furnishing Advisor of the selected store. If you want to make changes to the basic plan, a new appointment is scheduled at the store with a charge of 50€ per hour which is not refundable.

• The Home Furnishing Advisor service payment is possible only through credit/debit card or Paypal and should be completed before the installation technician visits your space to take the measurements and the photos or before you send us your measurements and photos.
In case the online store option is chosen, and the meeting takes place through video call any additional charges will be paid by bank deposit.

• The service is exclusive for residences located within zone 1 of each IKEA store. Find out more regarding the relevant zone Zip Codes here.

• The Home Furnishing Advisor arranges for the collection of the products and schedules the appointments for the delivery and assembly services. You can pay your order with the available payment methods at the store or by bank deposit. In addition, the customer can become a member of the IKEA FAMILY bonus program. More information is available here.

• In case you choose to take the measurements regarding the room where the service will be provided by yourself, you need to be as precise as possible, since our proposals will be based on these measurements. Our company will not bear any responsibility for any mistakes due to your measurements and in case the furniture proposals are incompatible with the specific space or cannot be implemented due to the incorrect measurements taken by you, a new appointment is scheduled, in order for our specialized technician to visit you and take a precise measurement and to make changes to the basic plan, as well, with a charge of 50€ per hour which is not refundable.

For the General Data Protection Policy see here.