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SOCKER watering can is a classic and durable watering can, galvanized to be protected against corrosion. It is ideal for little spaces with a few plants.
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15 Products

SOCKER watering can, 701.556.73
SOCKER watering can
€ 5.99
25 reward points
BITTERGURKA watering can, 303.680.68
BITTERGURKA watering can
€ 14.99
70 reward points
IKEA PS 2002 watering can, 403.879.76
TOMAT spray bottle, 603.879.80
IKEA PS 2002 watering can, 903.879.74
Make watering beautiful

Make watering beautiful

VATTENKRASSE watering can in ivory/gold-colour is decorative in its own right, as well as useful!

SOCKER watering can,indoor/outdoor, 403.847.32
SOCKER watering can,indoor/outdoor
€ 7.99
35 reward points
VATTENKRASSE watering can, 403.941.18
VATTENKRASSE watering can
€ 9.99
45 reward points
SOCKER watering can,indoor/outdoor, 903.847.01
SOCKER watering can,indoor/outdoor
€ 12.99
60 reward points