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Terms & Conditions

  • The offer of 10% €pistrofi applies exclusively to the users of the €pistrofi app, as well as to those who will download it and connect their card until 27/04/2019, for purchases that will be made from 13/04/2019 until 27/04/2019 with Eurobank credit or debit cards participating in the €pistrofi reward program.
  • Those customers who have installed the application by 10/04/2019 will earn 10% return on IKEA stores during the transaction (auto-online).
  • Customers who will download it from 11/04/2019 until 27/04/2019 will earn 1% on the transaction, i.e. the permanent IKEA €pistrofi reward rate and the remaining percentage up to the 10% total of the offer, will be credited to their active card participating in the Program until 31/05/2019.
  • A prerequisite for collecting or redeeming €pistrofi euros is the transaction to be made via a Eurobank card acceptor or a machine that trades transactions with Eurobank.
  • It also applies to online transactions at www.IKEA.gr.
  • Learn more about the €pistrofi Program at www.eurobank.gr/epistrofi