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LET’S PLAY for change campaign!

The SAGOSKATT collection is not just a cute and lovable soft toy series, it also serves a higher purpose. It’s part of the campaign LET’S PLAY for change where the IKEA Foundation supports children’s right to play and development, financially supporting the work of organizations that care for children.

By creating the world’s biggest piece of research on play, the “ΙΚΕΑ Play Report”, we’ve discovered that it’s vital to be playful every day – to recharge, to connect, to escape, to explore, to create and, of course, to have fun. Because play is a basic human need, for all of us.

That's why during the LET’S PLAY for change campaign, we turn our stores into play areas to show you that playing is easy and how much better your everyday life at home can be.

For the 5th consecutive year, we are organizing the IKEA Global Drawing Competition 2018, inviting children from all over the world to draw their “dream” soft toy in the hope of turning it into a real one that will be launched in the SAGOSKATT series.

See the terms & conditions of this year's competition here and the competition template here.

See below last year's winners of the IKEA Global Drawing Competition 2017 which have also formed this year's SAGOSKATT series that you will now find in IKEA stores.

If you also want to participate in the IKEA Global Drawing Competition 2018 join IKEA FAMILY.

   SAGOSKATT, Island
   SAGOSKATT, Poland
 SAGOSKATT, South Korea
   SAGOSKATT, Sweden