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Drying racks

Piles of laundry, small drying space

Washing is easy when you save space the smart way with a drying rack. Our racks are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You can fold them flat when you are not using them.
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10 Products

FROST drying rack, in/outdoor, 402.448.31
FROST drying rack, in/outdoor
€ 16.99
80 reward points
MULIG drying rack, in/outdoor, 502.287.55
MULIG drying rack, in/outdoor
€ 19.99
95 reward points
ANTONIUS drying rack, 701.760.86
ANTONIUS drying rack
€ 6.99
30 reward points
JALL drying rack, in/outdoor, 802.428.92
JALL drying rack, in/outdoor
€ 6.99
30 reward points
TORKIS clothes line, 202.546.56
TORKIS clothes line
€ 1.99
5 reward points
DRABBLA clothes peg, 603.159.26
BTI DRABBLA clothes peg
€ 1.49
5 reward points
STATIV clothes peg, 26 pack, 503.776.89
STATIV clothes peg, 26 pack
€ 2.49
10 reward points
PRESSA hanging dryer 16 clothes pegs, 801.896.63
OLEBY clothes peg, 20 pack, 002.342.59
OLEBY clothes peg, 20 pack
€ 1.49
5 reward points