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Wall lamps

Lighten up your home

When thinking about lighting up your space, don’t forget the walls. Our wall lights come in different styles, and include spotlights and uplighters. Many can be used with ultra energy-efficient LED bulbs or come with them built-in, so you’ll spend less on electricity and help the planet, too.
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7 Products

MUSIK wall lamp, wired-in installation, 202.174.85
ARSTID wall lamp, 601.638.76
ARSTID wall lamp
€ 16.99
80 reward points
ARSTID wall lamp, 503.213.86
ARSTID wall lamp
€ 16.99
80 reward points
LEDSJO LED wall lamp, 403.597.61
LEDSJO LED wall lamp
€ 45.00
225 reward points
NYMANE wall up/downlighter, wired-in, 603.978.61
NYMANE wall up/downlighter, wired-in
€ 12.99
60 reward points
ALANG wall lamp, 101.757.06
ALANG wall lamp
€ 19.99
95 reward points
NYMANE wall/reading lamp, wired-in inst, 903.569.63