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Fabrics and sewing

Yards of possibilities

Create your own pattern. Play with our textile cubes. Sew a bag, apron or pillow case and take it home. Creating a completely unique textile solution is very simple. You don’t need to settle for done curtains, spreads or pillow cases. We have a wide range of patterns in many styles, plus the sewing machine, needles, thread and other sewing accessories that can help you bring your ideas to life.
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6 Products

SY scissors, 201.851.06
SY scissors
€ 5.99
25 reward points
SY pinking shears, 401.745.45
SY pinking shears
€ 9.99
45 reward points
SY iron-on hemming strip, 500.787.46
SY iron-on hemming strip
€ 3.99
15 reward points
SY sewing thread, 601.759.40
SY sewing thread
€ 2.99
10 reward points
KRONILL pleating tape, 802.969.55
KRONILL pleating tape
€ 1.99
5 reward points
SY 15-piece sewing set, 501.759.12
SY 15-piece sewing set
€ 16.99
80 reward points