Ethniki GO4MORE

Redeem at IKEA and earn an extra 20% on the value of your go4more points.

Valid from 25/11 until 13/12/2019.

  • The activity is valid only for the members of the go4more program.
  • The activity applies to go4more points redemptions for purchases with NGB cards, from 25/11/19 until 13/12/19 at IKEA stores and IKEA Pick Up & Order Points.
  • The activity is not valid for go4more points redemptions for purchases from the IKEA e-shop.
  • Redemption of go4more points is regulated by the terms of the go4more program and is valid for redemptions of at least 2,000 available go4more points at a time.
  • The activity increases the value of the go4more points to be redeemed by 20%. E.g. the value of 2,000 go4more points corresponds to 6€ instead of 5€, the value of 3,000 go4more points corresponds to 9€ instead of 7.5€ and so on.
  • Learn more about the go4more program at