20% €pistrofi on the amount of redemption

20% €pistrofi on the amount of redemption

Redeem at IKEA stores and at ΙΚΕΑ e-shop the €pistrofi euros you have collected from purchases via Eurobank credit or debit cards and earn extra 20% €pistrofi on the amount of redemption. Valid from 10/6/2019 until 23/6/2019.

Terms & conditions:

Only the €pistrofi redemptions that will take place from 10/06/2019 until 23/06/2019 at ΙΚΕΑ e-shop and at IKEA stores participate in the activity.

The additional €pistrofi euros, corresponding to 20% of the total amount redeemed at IKEA e-shop and IKEA stores during the period of the activity, will be credited to your active card participating in the €pistrofi reward program by the 12/07/2019.

During the period of the promotion, the permanent 1% €pistrofi you receive from your purchases at IKEA stores and IKEA e-shop remains in effect.

Learn more about the terms and conditions at www.eurobank.gr/epistrofi or the €pistrofi app.