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Cable management

Having a bad cable day?

If your cables have gone a bit wild, our cable management accessories will help you get them under control. Our smart ideas include flexible plastic trunking, a box to hide your chargers in, as well as a set with cable clips and ties. From behind your TV to under your computer, they’ll help you end the cable chaos.
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7 Products

SIGNUM cable trunking horizontal, 302.002.53
SIGNUM cable trunking horizontal
€ 12.99
60 reward points
RABALDER cable tidy, 202.814.19
RABALDER cable tidy
€ 2.99
10 reward points
MONTERA cable trunking, 301.474.25
MONTERA cable trunking
€ 4.99
20 reward points
ROMMA cable management box with lid, 902.898.36
IDEBO cable management bag, 103.364.03
IDEBO cable management bag
€ 5.99
25 reward points
IDEBO cable management bag, 903.364.04
IDEBO cable management bag
€ 5.99
25 reward points
KANOT cable organiser, 302.438.89
KANOT cable organiser
€ 2.99
10 reward points
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