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With a wide choice of different styles and sizes, including matching sets of chairs and tables, our outdoor dining furniture helps you create a favorite spot to eat out right there at home. You can choose between artificial materials that need no maintenance or the natural warmth of wood, which only needs a little looking after from time to time.
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148 Products

SJALLAND table, outdoor, 292.624.35
SJALLAND table, outdoor
€ 109.00
545 reward points
SJALLAND table and 6 chairs with armrests, outdoor, 492.652.06
SJALLAND table and 4 chairs with armrests, outdoor, 392.650.37
SJALLAND table, outdoor, 792.624.47
SJALLAND table, outdoor
€ 169.00
845 reward points
SJALLAND table and 2 chairs with armrests, outdoor, 592.649.42
SJALLAND table with 2 chairs and bench, outdoor, 792.651.96
SJALLAND table+6 reclining chairs, outdoor, 692.654.32
SJALLAND table+4 reclining chairs, outdoor, 792.654.84
APPLARO bench, outdoor, 102.051.81
APPLARO bench, outdoor
€ 59.99
295 reward points
APPLARO chair, outdoor, 102.085.37
APPLARO chair, outdoor
€ 35.00
175 reward points
APPLARO stool, outdoor, 202.049.25
APPLARO stool, outdoor
€ 19.99
95 reward points