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IKEA precautionary recalls specific batches of CALYPSO ceiling lamps due to risk of falling shades.

 September 26th 2018
CALYPSO φωτιστικό οροφής

IKEA urges all customers that purchased CALYPSO ceiling lamps after 1st of August 2016 to double check the date stamp on the product. IKEA is recalling CALYPSO ceiling lamps manufactured between and including these date stamps: (yyww) 1625 to 1744, to minimize the risk of falling shades.

IKEA urges all customers that own a CALYPSO ceiling lamp produced within the affected date stamps to return the product to any IKEA store to be replaced with a new CALYPSO or a full refund (no proof of purchase is needed) .

IKEA takes product safety very seriously. All of our products are tested and comply with the applicable standards and legislation. In spite of this, we have received reports that CALYPSO glass shades have fallen. In order to safeguard customers and prevent further incidents, we are recalling the products for a full refund or product replacement.

We suggest to our customers to follow instructions below on how to safely dismantle CALYPSO ceiling lamps and how to look for the date stamps.

Dismantle safely like this:

Carefully pull out the movable arm. Remove the lamp shade while you continue to hold the movable arm pulled out.
The date stamp IKEA urges the customers to check for looks like this: The exact date stamps are formatted like this: YYWW - 1625 to 1744

For any additional information please call us on our contact center
801 11 22 722 (calls from landlines with charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company)
or 210 35 43 403 (for international calls or calls from mobile phones with charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company )

We apologize for any inconvenience caused