KUNGSFORS, magnetic knife rack, 403.349.21

KUNGSFORS magnetic knife rack


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Product Dimensions
Width: 56 cm
Package Dimensions
Package Number: 1
Length: 58 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 3 cm
Diameter: -
Net Weight: 0.58 kg
Gross Weight: 0.67 kg
Gross Volume: 0.7 l
Front/ Sheet cover/ Bracket:
Stainless steel Cover:
PET plastic Magnet:
Neodymium Plastic parts:
Polypropylene plastic
Key Features
Key Features
Inspired by professionals, but adapted for you. Just like in a restaurant kitchen, we’ve focused on durable materials and smart wall storage that provides the space needed for all creative home cooks.
Good to Know
Good to Know
May be combined with other products in the KUNGSFORS series.
Ehlén Johansson
The knife rack makes it easy for you to see and reach all your different knives when you cook.Magnetic knife racks preserve the edges on your knives since they don’t scrape together in a drawer.
You can choose to mount it directly to the wall or with the help of KUNGSFORS suspension rail.Using KUNGSFORS magnet rack you can store your kitchen utensils on the wall so that you have more space on kitchen worktop.
May also be used in high humidity areas.