PAX/REINSVOLL, wardrobe combination, 200x60x236 cm, 893.846.55

PAX/REINSVOLL wardrobe combination, 200x60x236 cm


€ 1067,00
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Frame colour:
REINSVOLL grey-beige
200x60x236 cm

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Assembly Instructions Download PDF (916 KB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (204 KB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (204 KB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (4 MB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (308 KB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (697 KB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (4 MB)
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Product Dimensions
Depth: 60.0 cm
Height: 236.4 cm
Width: 200.0 cm
Included products
Included products
KOMPLEMENT pull-out rail for baskets, 2 pack (30263245)
Quantity: x8

KOMPLEMENT mesh basket (00257298)
Quantity: x3

KOMPLEMENT mesh basket (10257306)
Quantity: x5

KOMPLEMENT soft closing hinge (30214504)
Quantity: x4

KOMPLEMENT shelf (30277959)
Quantity: x5

KOMPLEMENT shelf (70277957)
Quantity: x2

PAX wardrobe frame (50214560)
Quantity: x1

KOMPLEMENT clothes rail (30256891)
Quantity: x1

REINSVOLL door, 50x229 cm (60473138)
Quantity: x4

KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray (20246360)
Quantity: x7

PAX wardrobe frame (80214568)
Quantity: x2

KOMPLEMENT shoe insert for pull-out tray (50446560)
Quantity: x14
Particleboard, Fibreboard, ABS plastic, Polypropylene plastic, Foil
Door panel: Particleboard
Front/ Back: Plastic foil (min. 90% recycled)
Edge: Plastic edging (min. 90% recycled)
Basematerial: Steel, Nickel-plated, Copper-plated
Plastic parts: Acetal plastic
Steel, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Epoxy/polyester powder coating Steel, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
Basematerial: Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
Wheel: Acetal plastic
Particleboard, Paper foil Drawer front/ Drawer side:
Fibreboard, Foil, Melamine foil Drawer back/ Drawer bottom:
Fibreboard, Foil 100% polyester
Key Features
Key Features
We know there's more than jackets that needs a space in your hallway. Here's a solution with separate compartments for both different activities and items.
Care Instructions
Care Instructions
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
Good to Know
Good to Know
Minimum ceiling height required: 245 cm. Follow the assembly instructions in the package.
Ehlén Johansson/IKEA of Sweden
People & Planet
People & Planet
Wardrobe frame: At least 50% (weight) of this product is made from renewable materials. Shoe insert for pull-out tray: By using recycled plastic in the felt in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental footprint. Soft closing hinge: Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.You can easily adapt this ready-made PAX/KOMPLEMENT combination to suit your needs and taste using the PAX planning tool.
Adjustable feet make it possible to compensate any irregularities in the floor.Hinges with integrated dampers catch the door and close it slowly, silently and softly.
With the PAX Planner, you can easily complete your combination with integrated lighting. After choosing the light source, the planner will work out which accessories you need to complete the solution.Do you know it's easy as pie to move around the inside organisers after taste, or change them later on? With small changes you can alter the storage solution to fit your clothes, instead of the other way around.
The mesh basket allows air to circulate and is perfect for storing your folded clothes, socks or accessories.Placing your shoes on a pull-out tray with a felt insert makes it easier to access them and displays the shoes nicely when they are not in use.
Style Group
Style Group
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