HAUGA, storage combination, 993.881.44

HAUGA storage combination


€ 308,00
1540 reward points
140x199 cm

Credit card: from € 12,83 / month up to 24 interest-free installments

No. of interest-free installments € / month
1 308,00
2 154,00
3 102,67
4 77,00
5 61,60
6 51,33
7 44,00
8 38,50
9 34,22
10 30,80
11 28,00
12 25,67
13 23,69
14 22,00
15 20,53
16 19,25
17 18,12
18 17,11
19 16,21
20 15,40
21 14,67
22 14,00
23 13,39
24 12,83

You may choose to pay up to 24 interest-free installments depending on the total amount of your order.

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Product Dimensions
Depth: 46 cm
Height: 199 cm
Width: 140 cm
Included products
Included products
HAUGA chest of 3 drawers with shelf,70x116 cm (50402641)
Quantity: x1

HAUGA open wardrobe with 3 drawers, 70x199 cm (40456922)
Quantity: x1
Side panel/ Drawer front:
Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging Top panel/ Top shelf/ Back rail/ Bottom panel:
Particleboard, Paper foil Back panel/ Drawer bottom:
Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Drawer side/ Drawer back:
Particleboard, Plastic foil
Key Features
Key Features
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Good to Know
Good to Know
WARNING! TIPPING HAZARD – Unanchored furniture can tip over. This furniture shall be anchored to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting to prevent it from tipping over. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.
Ola Wihlborg
People & Planet
People & Planet
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Of course your home should be a safe place for the entire family. That’s why a safety fitting is included so that you can attach the storage unit to the wall.Hide or display your things by combining open and closed storage.
You get a good overview and can easily reach your clothes.You get a handy place to hang your bags, bathrobe and accessories on on the side of the wardrobe by adding SKOGSVIKEN hooks for door.
If you want to organise inside, you can complement with interior accessories from the STUK series.
Style Group
Style Group
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