Food containers

As well as sealing in the taste, our food boxes keep everything tidy and easier to find, so you can concentrate on the cooking. See-through sides or lids also let you tell at a glance when you need to re-stock. And when you turn yesterday’s leftovers into today’s lunchtime treat, seeing what you have in the fridge means you throw away less food (and money).
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IKEA 365+, lunch box with inserts, square, 803.887.14

IKEA 365+

lunch box with inserts, square


€ 3,99
15 reward points
KORKEN, jar with lid, 902.135.49


jar with lid


€ 3,49
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SOMMARDAG, bowl with lid, set of 5, 004.531.19


bowl with lid, set of 5


€ 9,99
45 reward points