FINSMAKARE forced air oven with pyrolitic/steam function


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Product Dimensions
Width: 59.4 cm
Depth: 56.7 cm
Height: 58.9 cm
Cord length: 1.5 m
Weight: 36.00 kg
Package Dimensions
Package Number: 1
Length: 67 cm
Width: 66 cm
Height: 64 cm
Diameter: -
Net Weight: 37.93 kg
Gross Weight: 40.20 kg
Gross Volume: 278.7 l
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Key Features
Key Features
Perfect for those who cook a lot, with a spacious interior, touch control and self-cleaning. The steam function makes food tasty while retaining nutrients. Matches with FINSMAKARE microwave combi.
Good to Know
Good to Know
This product bears the CE mark. Usable volume: 72 litres. Minimum fuse needed: 16A. 1 grill tray included. No plug is included. Installation to be carried out by a qualified installer.
5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.When you combine steam and hot air you get optimal humidity and heat levels, which keeps food soft and moist on the inside, crisp and brown on the outside.
The self-cleaning function makes it easier for you to clean the oven, as grease and food residue are burned to ashes that can be easily brushed off.The fan-forced air convection spreads the heat quickly and evenly, so you can cook or bake several dishes at once without flavours spreading between them.
2 sets of fully extendible sliding rails make it easier and safer when loading the oven and taking out hot dishes.By using the integrated meat thermometer with temperature sensor you can perfectly cook any type of meat without monitoring the cooking process.
The preset cooking programs make it easier for you to choose the right settings for different recipes and foods.You can store and update your favourite recipes in the oven's memory, along with the right temperature and cooking time for each.
Extra generous interior dimensions and 5 cooking levels ensure you have plenty of room for the food you want to cook.The touch control and large, easy grip knob are both ergonomic and make the oven easy to use and clean.
Top and bottom heating is ideal for cooking dishes with a crispy finish and for slow cooking of casseroles.You can easily choose the best grill function to cook thin cuts of meat and vegetables or to brown gratins and steaks.
Turbo grill allows you to grill, brown and cook larger dishes and meat all the way through.The special pastry function can help you to get the perfect moist topping on your baked cookies and pies.
The bread/pizza baking function gives your food a more intense brown outside and a crispy bottom.Function for quick defrosting allows your food to be thawed seven times faster than regular thawing.
The warming program enables you to keep food warm without becoming overcooked or burnt.The fast preheat function warms up the oven quickly.
With the special programs included you can control the rising of dough before baking, dry and preserve food or sterilize container.A heat-insulated quadruple-glass door with child-safety lock increases safety in your kitchen.
Easy to install at a comfortable work height in a base cabinet or high cabinet.