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Memory foam & foam pillows

A personalised pillow

Fancy a great night?s sleep with a pillow that really suits you? A memory foam pillow moulds itself to the shape of your head and neck, giving you good support that helps you relax. Memory foam keeps its shape intact during the night. You can also enjoy the extra comfort if you combine them with memory foam mattresses.
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5 Products

MANVIVA memory foam pillow, 402.699.25
MANVIVA memory foam pillow
€ 34.99
170 reward points
ROLLEKA memory foam pillow, 502.698.35
ROLLEKA memory foam pillow
€ 19.99
95 reward points
ELDBOLL memory foam/polyester pillow, 204.229.33
ELDBOLL memory foam/polyester pillow
€ 16.99
80 reward points
KRAKKLOVER memory foam pillow, 004.450.11
new KRAKKLOVER memory foam pillow
€ 49.99
245 reward points
TUVROR memory foam pillow, 804.451.06
new TUVROR memory foam pillow
€ 55.00
275 reward points