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The story behind our products

Every IKEA product has a story and every good story starts from an idea. Our idea? We want your everyday life at home to be better. Every year we make hundreds of visits at homes near our stores so we can learn more about your dreams and needs. This is where we start to create a new product.

Designing products of high quality

We feel that good design combines form, function, quality, sustainability at a low price. Our designers and development managers always seek balance in all traits when they design a product. This is a unique challenge often leading us to innovations.

The people behind unique designing
Quality and durability test
What makes the IKEA designing unique is the fact that our suppliers take part actively in the designing process. At the first stage of designing, our development managers and designers cooperate closely with the production department and our technicians at the production place. This special cooperation helps us develop innovative techniques and keep our prices low.
Throughout the production stage durability tests take place for materials and products. For us the right quality is defined by our client’s needs and the everyday product use. Our labs both in Sweden and in China also operate as training centers for our employees and suppliers.


Innovative production process

Great innovations have emerge during the production process and the many attempts with different techniques.
This is the outcome of working closely with many different suppliers at the production place. With their help we are in the position to use the most effective, affordable and creative ways to make our plans real. It’s the team work that allows us to secure innovative smart design for our products, their package and their distribution.




Materials from the future


Materials from the future

We care for the materials our products are made of.
We use sustainable materials that are renewable,
recyclable and recycled.
We try creating many products
with as little materials as possible.
By using our material carefully,
we keep the prices low
and make the best possible use of our resources.


Bamboos have more than a thousand species, it thrives mainly in tropical countries and it reaches 30 meters height. It is rough and light and can be used to give the effect of hard wood. It grows ten times faster than wood and does not need planting which in other words mean very little impact to the environment.

Plastic wood

It is consisted of polypropylene and wood yarns. The use of wood yarns makes plastic products more durable and less costly.


All wood used in our products comes from suppliers that meet the qualifications of IWAY Forest Lands, its focus is to secure the wood originates from responsible forest management. Until 2017, 50% of our wood will be FSC® (Forest stewardship council) certified or it will deprive from recycling sources. Our big goal is reaching 100%.


Hyacinth is a fast growing plant and it is the perfect renewable material. We mainly use it for handmade items though it is a very resilient and tough plant.


Linen is produced by flax yarns that grow in vast flatlands and often in cold climates where the artificial watering and pesticides are rarely used. The yarns from flax (a plant that grows fast) make linen very resilient and durable and at the same time linen transpires and it is soft.

Recycling PET material

PET plastic can be melted and used to create other materials like the GOSA SYREN pillows. An old plastic bottle can be transformed into little pieces and then become a thread. Plastic has a new life and wastes are reduced.


We cooperate with WWF to help more than 100.000 farmers in India and Pakistan to produce cotton by using less chemicals and water. Our goal until 2015 is that IKEA products made of cotton be produced this way 100%.




Home sweet home!

“At home” isn’t just a place. It’s our shelter.
It is where we live some of the best moments
of our lives! So for us, understanding people’s
life at home is the most natural place to start.
Every year, we visit homes in Greece
to find out what people dream about
and what they need.
We then pair their needs with the abilities
of our suppliers to create new solutions that,
hopefully, will make everyday life a little better.

This is where you step in.

We keep our prices low by cooperating
with our customers.
We work together and save money.
However we offer help with a series of
services for those who need it