Life in balance

While we are preparing ourselves for autumn, we continue to find and enjoy moments in a more relaxed mood. The secret to a more balanced life is to create moments of calmness and relaxation, whether we are alone or with our loved ones. We take a break from the pressures of the day and we dedicate time to whatever fills us with positive energy.

IKEA Catalogue

This year’s edition of the Catalogue marks its 70th birthday and to help celebrate, we’ve turned it into something that we hope everyone will enjoy and find useful: a handbook for a better everyday life at home!
We’ve filled each page with the kind of thinking that has been the foundation of our range for all these years; the little things that can make a big difference to everyday life. It’s full of inspiration and information on ways to make homes around the world cosier, smarter, more sustainable and more beautiful for the wonderful people who live in them.
Read on for a peek at some of the handbook tips and ideas that our (and your!) readers will experience in the 2021 Catalogue.

View the digital IKEA Catalogue here.

I’m ready for school… what’s next?

It’s officially almost time for the kids to go back to school. And though for some of us it might feel like a bit of a relief, it brings up lots of questions too – like how do I make sure they do their best?

But whether you’re planning a bedroom makeover or just stocking up on study supplies, we can help with our range of furniture and accessories that support children as they grow, work, and play.

Here’s just a few of the ways you can help make this year’s back to school season better than ever.

Not everybody studies best sat at a desk. Trading in your table for a laptop support means you can learn outside, on the sofa, or even just in bed. 

Laying out tomorrow’s clothes the night before can make getting ready for school a whole lot simpler.

Play’s just as important for developing motor skills and co-ordination – as well as blowing off steam.

I’m ready for class… what’s next?

Going away to college comes with a lot of questions – from how to hang your washing to working out the best way to cook an egg. But, whether you’re moving into a shabby dorm room and want to spruce it up, or just trying to improve your existing study corner, we can help.
Here’s some of our favourite solutions for student living – meaning things that work in small spaces, and for even smaller budgets. Because when you’ve got the practical stuff covered, it’s easier to make the most of all the exciting things coming your way. What’s next?

Wondering what to pack for the big move? Spend the next month making a note every time you use something – it’ll give you a good idea of what definitely needs to come with you (and what maybe needs to be got rid of completely).

This shower curtain rod stays up with pressure alone – making it easy to use to add extra privacy. 

Having your own lockable cabinet can help make you feel more secure when you’re moving into a shared space with people you don’t know. And many of ours can be combined with a ROTHULT smart lock, which makes it easy to lock and unlock with your phone or an NFC card – no keys required! 

SAMMANKOPLA Vitality Series

No matter where you live, more and more people are moving into small city spaces than ever. That’s why we’ve worked with Thai fashion designers Greyhound Original to develop SAMMANKOPPLA, a limited collection of furniture and home accessories that blends Bangkok street style and creative re-purposing processes with our apartment living expertise.

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RÅVAROR Vitality Series

RÅVAROR is a collection of high-quality, multi-functional furnishings that let you make yourself at home in the smallest spaces, wherever you live, now and later.

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