Vitality Series


OSYNLIG is a series of 13 scented candles in ceramic pots that are made to provoke the kind of emotion that’s hard to put into words.


RÅVAROR is a collection of high-quality, multi-functional furnishings that let you make yourself at home in the smallest spaces, wherever you live, now and later.


Greyhound Original collaborated with IKEA to create the SAMMANKOPPLA collection. There is the table, the shelf and other basic functions that every home needs. Flexible solutions for a small space inspired by Thai traditions and Bangkok’s bustling streets.


BORSTAD is the collection that makes it a little easier to take care of clothes, shoes and homes – just like in times gone by.


FREKVENS vitality series will help you start a party at home with ease. Everything you need, from sound and lighting products, to tables and serving items.