Ef Zin Program

The EF ZIN program was established by the FOURLIS Group in 2010, in view of informing employees about health and wellbeing issues, and encouraging them to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.
Within the framework of the EF ZIN program, employees are entitled to free health check-ups at work every year, as well as participation in sports tournaments and lectures on health and wellbeing. At the same time, they can enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet, with weekly meal plans prepared by experienced nutritionists, based on the menus available at the IKEA employee restaurants. Printed and electronic newsletters on prevention, health, diet and exercise are also distributed to all employees.


Competition and the requirements of the modern market constantly create new needs for education and training. For this reason, the education of each employee at the FOURLIS Group begins when they are hired, and is ongoing.

Scholarships for employees' children

The FOURLIS Group Scholarship scheme was established in 2013 and has since been supporting employees' children who are studying in Public Universities in Greece and Cyprus, away from their homes, and whose families face difficulties in covering their accommodation expenses in a different city.

Θεσμοί Αναγνώρισης και Επιβράβευσης της Προσφοράς των Εργαζομένων

This institution is aimed at recognizing and rewarding all employees whose behavior is characterized by professionalism and excellence, in according with the Values and the Mission of the FOURLIS Group.

This institution rewards employees who have contributed to the achievement of the Group's objectives for many years (10, 20 and 30 years of service).

Every year, the FOURLIS Group rewards employees' children with excellent results at school or children awarded places at University, at events attended by their parents and the management of the FOURLIS Group.