MyBank FAQs

New online Payment Service for MyBank online shopping

Thanks to the new MyBank payment service, IKEA is offering you an extra payment method to complete all your purchases easily and securely.

What is MyBank service?

MyBank service is a complete pan-European online payment solution to online shopping.
Payments are made through the e-Banking of your cooperating Bank by directly debiting the bank account of your choice.

What are the advantages of using MyBank service?

Real-time payment in the secure e-Banking environment of your bank, direct update of the status of your bank transactions and the option to print a receipt of your bank transaction
Direct debiting of your bank account without using your credit or debit card
Completing your transactions without the disclosure of your personal data.

Moreover, in order to use the MyBank service, no special registration in the service is required, as long as you have Internet Banking codes for your Bank. Therefore, every time you complete a purchase, you are redirected to the e-Banking environment of your Bank where the payment is made.

How can I use MyBank service?

Step 1
Once the order on the e-shop is completed, select MyBank service as payment method.

Step 2 
Select the Bank where your account is held and you wish to debit the purchase. You will be automatically redirected to the log in environment of the e-Banking.

Step 3
Enter the codes you use for the e-Banking of your bank.

Step 4 
After entering your e-Banking, the details of your order will appear. Choose the account to be debited and verify the payment by entering the one-time password (OTP).

Step 5
A message of successful completion will appear right afterwards. You may print the receipt of your payment, if you wish.

Step 6 
You can then return to the site of the e-shop, where the successful completion of your purchase will appear.