Home visit: brew a warming

When it’s cold outside, give your guests a warm welcome with a mug of tea. See how festive flavors, such as cinnamon and orange, can put a spicy twist on your traditional brew…

Seasonal spices

Put orange segments, star anise, cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger in the bottom of a teapot, keeping some back for decoration. Then place loose-leaf black tea – known for its rich flavor – into the infuser. If your teapot doesn’t have an infuser, simply place the tea in the pot with the other ingredients. Pour boiling water directly into the infuser and brew for 10 minutes. Serve in glass mugs so you can see the rich color of the tea, and float some of the extra dried ingredients on top.

KULLABERG swivel chair

Choose fresh

This spice-infused recipe is one of Nancy’s favorites. She shared a pot with us when we visited her at home in the center of Athens: “It’s nice to welcome guests with something warm and good. Herbal tea is a real boost for your health during the cold winter months and I prefer fresh ingredients to pre-flavored teabags, the taste is more authentic.” Enjoy!

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