New payment plan without a card

Instant Loan

Now you can make your wishes come true and cover all your home needs even if you don’t have enough cash.

You can apply for a loan at the stand located at the end of the corridor of the Exhibition area. The bank will approve your application in no time.

No card

Instant approval

9.9% rate

Valid only for the IKEA Kifissos store.

A step-by-step guide to the payment plan without a card

 What is the payment plan without a card?

• It is a loan you can take out from a cooperating financial institution and it is subject to the institution’s approval.
• It covers all furniture, home equipment and services purchases.
• The loan may be applied only when there is a valid proof of purchase.
• Depending on the purchase you wish to make, the loan can range from €250 to €15,000.
• 9.9% fixed rate applies (including contribution under Law 128/75, today at 0.60%) which does not change throughout the duration of the loan.
• The loan must be paid back over a period of 6 to 48 months.
• To take out a loan, you will need your ID card and the latest tax return form.*
• If your application is approved, you can use the loan money towards your purchases on the same day.

How long will it take for a loan to get approval?

The bank will grant you a loan after evaluating your application in accordance with its applicable credit policy and provided that the credit requirements are met.
For loans up to €2,000 you can get approval within 3 min. during opening times and for loans over €2,000 in 20 min.
If you apply during weekends, public holidays or after 19:30 pm, you will get a reply from the Bank on the following working day.

Where can you pay back the loan

You can pay back the loan at the National Bank of Greece branches or via e-banking.

Terms & Conditions:

* • For loans over €2,000 a public utility bill must be provided and the purchase must include furniture.
• If the loan application is successful, there will be a one-off charge of €25 deducted from the first instalment for administrative and operating expenses.
• For product returns, the applicant is not entitled to a refund. For returns within 40 days of receipt, the product may be replaced or the loan be repaid according to the applicable IKEA exchange and returns policy. A valid proof of purchase is required.

• The loan will be applied towards a single one-off transaction.
• The loan does not cover purchases at the IKEA Restaurant, the IKEA Swedish Food Market or the IKEA Bistro. The loan does not cover the purchase of gift cards.
• The overall Annual Percentage rate (APR) is 12.29%. Example: The aforementioned APR applies to €1,000 and payment over 36 monthly installments.

For more information, visit the designated area the end of the Exhibition area from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm, Monday to Friday and until 19:00 pm on Saturday.

Note: For Sundays, the designated area will be open from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm.

For bank holidays and Sundays opening hours, go to “Stores” at or contact us.


IKEA Service Line: 801 11 22 722 (for calls from landline phones)

210 35 43 403
(for international calls or calls from cellphones)

The charge is based on the invoicing policy of your telecommunications provider.