Stations of Joy

IKEA, as part of the FOURLIS Group's Social Responsibility Programme, has been implementing the "Stations of Joy" programme since 2013, consisting of integrated actions to support municipal nurseries and kindergartens throughout Greece.

In order to implement the "Stations of Joy" programme, IKEA collaborates with the respective Municipal Authorities and the educators and undertakes the complete design of the spaces, which are a source of inspiration for children, taking into account their own needs and utilising the experience of the IKEA decorators.

The programme aims to create fully-equipped, functional and safe infrastructures with new colour and "fresh" feel.

Since 2013, through the "Stations of Joy" programme, IKEA has provided full equipment to 77 nurseries and kindergartens in various regions of Greece, securing a more functional and beautiful everyday life for more than 3,300 children. The products given to improve the infrastructure of these stations exceed 730,000€ (retail value).

At IKEA and FOURLIS Group we believe that children are the most important people in the world that’s why we will never stop offering them the smiles they deserve.

“Stations of Joy” programme

Browse the map below and discover, one by one, the nurseries and kindergartens that have been equipped via the “Stations of Joy” programme.