IKEA Athens Airport


Store Information

Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” 19019 Spata, Athens

T: 801 1122 722 or 210 3543403 (charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company)
F: 210 3543 599

IKEA store layout
How can I visit IKEA?
Public Transportation

Airport Express bus lines: Χ95, Χ93, Χ97, Χ96 (Bus stop “Ktirio Dioikisis”)
Suburban Rail --> Χ95, Χ93, Χ97, Χ96
Rafina long-distance bus line (KTEL) --> IKEA bus stop
Markopoulo long-distance bus line (KTEL) --> IKEA bus stop

How to visit IKEA by car

IKEA Airport welcomes you to its free parking. You will find selected parking spots for families and the disabled.