In this context, we strive to be in constant contact with the local society, the people, local authorities, institutions, organizations, non-governmental organizations etc., in the countries we operate in and continuously be informed about the people’s most prominent needs in order to be able to understand them and contribute, to the best of our abilities, to their satisfaction.

Some of IKEA's major Social Responsibility projects are presented below:

“Stations of Joy” programme

Since 2013, IKEA has been implementing the Social Responsibility programme “Stations of Joy” and through this initiative it has been supporting municipal nursery and kindergarten schools in the wider regions of the IKEA stores, creating functional spaces where children can spend their time happily and creatively.
Learn more about the “Stations of Joy” programme

Libraries Refurbishment Program

IKEA and FOURLIS Group are carrying out actions focusing on infrastructure and knowledge and aiming at children and the youth. In this framework, the program of refurbishing municipal libraries in remote and border areas of Greece was completed in 2016; it was carried out by IKEA in collaboration with the Volunteer Network “Journalists Acting”. The program was launched in 2014 and it involved the planning and donation of IKEA furnishing in order to refurbish 10 libraries for children and the youth in border areas of Greece.

Upon completion of the program, more than 1,500 children and young people have access to the world of books and more educational material, in a pleasant, cozy and functional environment.

Flavours of our Land

For three successive years, IKEA has been supporting local producers, giving people the opportunity to buy or taste their products and local traditional recipes, through the events FLAVOURS OF OUR LAND, which took place with the support of IKEA at the parking lot of IKEA Thessaloniki, Larissa, Ioannina and Attica stores.
In the framework of these events, local producers had the chance to exhibit various products like pasta, pies, dairy products and pastries, whereas famous chefs, hosting the events, used these to prepare delicious recipes and shared cooking secrets with the participants.

Moreover, on the occasion of these events, IKEA organised an action at the same time and dispensed part of the ΙΚΕΑ stores’ revenue on specific days of the event, to support municipal nursery schools of the wider aforementioned regions by donating pieces of furniture and basic necessities.

IKEA member of the BOROUME (“WE CAN”) Network

Since 2012, IKEA has been cooperating with BOROUME, the Non-Profit Organisation who is engaged in fighting food waste and using food for public benefit purposes throughout Greece.
In the framework of their cooperation, IKEA provides for free, on a daily basis, all meals which have not been served in the restaurants of the Greek stores, to organisations and foundations in order to supply with food our fellow human beings who are in need.

Since 2012 IKEA has allocated in detail:
2012: 41.288 food portions
2013: 82.958 food portions
2014: 62.726 food portions
2015: 92.502 food portions
2016: 96.468 food portions
2017: 69.368 food portions
2018: 59.089 food portions
2019: 59.092 food portions

Setting up and refurbishing the shelter for women victims of violence and their children in Thessaloniki

In 2013, IKEA in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki undertook the renovation, decoration, and complete furnishing of a shelter intended to host women victims of violence and their children in Thessaloniki. With the help of the IKEA experienced decorators and the products offered by IKEA, the home was transformed into a warn accommodation place for those women and children who have experienced violence in their lives.
The main objective of setting up and running this guesthouse is to secure housing, feeding, psychosocial counseling, support and information for those women who face difficulties on personal, social or professional level, in order to empower them, ease their problems and create the conditions that will lead to successfully resolving their increased personal and family difficulties and their escaping from the situation of hostage and despair, so that they can be integrated into society and working environments in dignity.

Humanitarian Initiatives by IKEA and the FOURLIS Group Employees

Employees of IKEA and the FOURLIS Group carry out, each year, their own humanitarian initiatives. In particular, they collect food, clothing, footwear, toys and other essentials that they offer to Institutions and Organizations in Greece and Cyprus. This action has been taking place since 2010 and it constitutes an institution that all employees embrace with love and enthusiasm.

Voluntary Blood Donation

IKEA employees participate in the Voluntary Blood Donation of the FOURLIS Group, which takes place twice per year at the premises of the Group's buildings.