VATNESTROM, pocket sprung mattress, extra firm 140x200 cm, 504.784.76

VATNESTROM pocket sprung mattress, extra firm 140x200 cm


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Product Dimensions
Length: 200 cm
Width: 140 cm
Thickness: 26 cm
Package Dimensions
Package Number: 1
Length: 202 cm
Width: 143 cm
Height: 27 cm
Diameter: -
Net Weight: 48.22 kg
Gross Weight: 55.00 kg
Gross Volume: 779.9 l
Total composition/ Ticking, side:
53% linen, 47% viscose/rayon Ticking/ Ticking/ Ticking/ Ticking, underside:
100% cotton Filling:
Polylactide (PLA) fibre wadding Filling material:
Latex foam Inner side filling/ Sheet:
Wool wadding, 100% cotton Handles:
53% linen, 47% viscose/rayon, 100% cotton Pocket spring unit:
Steel Protection pad:
Coir and natural latex
Key Features
Key Features
If you like a firm mattress this is for you, combined with natural materials like natural latex, coconut fiber, cotton and wool provide comfort and pull away moisture. This gives a pleasant sleeping environment with a cool and even sleep temperature.
Good to Know
Good to Know
Complete with a mattress base or non-adjustable slatted bed base. Sometimes the mattress has a noticeable smell when you open the packaging. The smell isn’t harmful or toxic and disappears over time. Airing and vacuuming the mattress helps to eliminate the smell faster. All of our mattresses can be used immediately, but keep in mind that a packaged mattress only regains its full shape and comfort after approximately 72 hours. Your body also needs a couple of weeks to adapt to the new mattress. 218 pocket springs/sq.m. Please be careful! We recommend to have 2 people when lifting this mattress.
Natural materials like natural latex, coconut fiber, cotton and wool provides extra comfort and gives a very pleasant sleeping environment with an even temperature.The textiles closest to your skin are made of 100% cotton from sustainable sources.
You get support in the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely follow your body.5 comfort zones give very precise support and relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.
You can sit comfortably on the edge of your bed. The mattress will stay firm and even thanks to the reinforced mattress edge.Stretch fabric follows the contours of your body as you move in bed.
The distinctive texture on the sides of the mattress comes from the natural, non-coloured and non-bleached linen that creates subtle variations in the surface.The mattress provides good ventilation and sleeping comfort because the bottom layer is made of natural coconut fibres that allow air to circulate.
Designed to be used on one side only.25 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.