How to buy your kitchen

Your four step guide to buying the kitchen of your dreams, from measuring and planning to ordering and installation. We’ll guide you every step of the way, whether you choose to do it yourself or take advantages of our services.

1. Measure

Top tips:

Measure in millimetres: this makes it more accurate and helps if you want to use our Kitchen Planner.

Note the location of electrical sockets and water connections. Also mark anything that sticks out, like radiators and pipes.

For more information on measuring your kitchen, take a look at our video or refer to the design guide.

Need help measuring? Use our kitchen measuring service.

Kitchen Measurment Service

2. Plan

To start planning your dream kitchen just enter your measurements within our 3D Kitchen planner, which allows you to play around with the layout, colour, features and fittings that can be 100% unique to you and your needs.

Once finished, remember to save your plan and set up a unique username and password, which will make ordering your kitchen even easier.

For more information on online planning of your kitchen, take a look at our video  or refer to the design guide.

Need help planning? Book an online appointment for the planning of your kitchen at any IKEA store.

Kitchen Design Online Reservation

3. Order

If you're ordering in store, you'll need a print-out of your kitchen plan or your unique username and password Our experienced designers at the Kitchen department will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Need help picking-up and delivering? Use our services below.

Picking and Delivery

Delivery service

4. Install

Top tips:

Follow the assembly instructions of each product before installation.

Install your products in the correct order.

Always employ a professional to undertake any electrical and plumbing work.

IKEA kitchens are designed to be installed by you. You can do it yourself, but if you don’t feel like it, we’re always here to help you as much as you want along the way.

Find out how to install your new kitchen in our step-by-step kitchen installation video or refer to the METOD installation guide or the ENHET installation guide.

Need help installing? Use our kitchen installation service.

Kitchen Installation Service

For more details about ΙΚΕΑ Kitchens, take a look at our Buying Guides.