EFTERSTRAVA, travel mug, 404.153.09

EFTERSTRAVA travel mug


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Product Dimensions
Volume: 0.5 l
Package Dimensions
Package Number: 1
Length: 23 cm
Width: -
Height: -
Diameter: 7 cm
Net Weight: 0.41 kg
Gross Weight: 0.41 kg
Gross Volume: 0.9 l
Heat resistant glass Seal/ Insulation:
Silicone rubber Strainer:
Stainless steel Lid:
Polypropylene plastic
Key Features
Key Features
Enjoy refreshing drinks on the go! Use the travel mug as an infusion bottle with fruits, to make herbal beverages, cold-brewed coffee or to brew your favourite tea with loose leaves or tea bags.
Good to Know
Good to Know
Tempered glass should be handled with care! A damaged edge or a scratched surface can cause the glass to break suddenly. Be careful when drinking hot beverages directly from the mug. Do not keep carbonated drinks in the mug. Pressure can build up that makes the lid explode off with great force. This can also occur if sugary drinks in the mug are exposed to heat, since a fermentation process starts. Wash this product before using it for the first time. Oven-safe glass for hot and cold drinks. Wash by hand in dishwater with bicarbonate or detergent added.
Leakproof travel mug with a stainless steel infusion filter which you can easily mount or remove.A silicone cover protects your hands from heat.
Just click on the lid to open the travel mug with one hand. Fits most cup holders in cars.