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MOJLIG domino glass ceramic hob, 502.371.37 [1]
MOJLIG domino glass ceramic hob, 502.371.37 [2]
MOJLIG domino glass ceramic hob, 502.371.37 [3]
MOJLIG domino glass ceramic hob, 502.371.37
Product Information

Product dimensions

Width: 29.0 cm
Depth: 52.0 cm
Height: 3.9 cm
Weight: 5.00 kg

Package dimensions

Package Number: 1
Length: 61 cm
Width: 39 cm
Height: 12 cm
Diameter: -
Net Weight: 4.29 kg
Gross Weight: 5.20 kg
Gross Volume: 28.8 l


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What is good to know

Hob with radiant cooking zones: 1x145 mm and 1x120/180 mm dual zone. 1x1200W radiant zone. 1x700/1700W radiant zone. Use NYTTIG connection strip to combine with other hobs. Connection rating: 2900W. Current: 1x16A. Voltage: 220-240V. This product bears the CE mark.




5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure. You have excellent control when you cook since the individual timers allow you to time each zone separately. For example perfect for boiling eggs, rice or pasta.
The touch/press control panel allows you to regulate the heat easily and precisely by just touching the + and – symbols.By holding the lock key for 4 seconds you activate the child lock and cleaning function temporarily, and clean the surface without changing any settings.
You can use pots and pans of different sizes, as the dual zone can be adjusted to suit the pan.Pause function allows you to suspend the cooking process if you're interrupted, then re-start again at the same temperature in an instant. When the pause function is activated the cooking zone is automatically switched to the “keep warm” setting.
Anti-overflow detection feature automatically switches off the hob if cooking content boils over and spills onto the control panel. Domino hobs are easy to combine with other domino hobs or larger hobs, because they are small and have no edges.
You can choose whether to have the touch control panel emit sounds or operate silently when you touch the panel or tap settings.

domino glass ceramic hob


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Assemby instructions

Assemby instructions

Only the last version is available. There might be variations in the assembly proccess.

Product Assemby instructions
(502.371.37) MOJLIG domino glass ceramic hob.pdf (PDF)
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