KOMPLEMENT, pull-out tray with divider, 190.110.65

KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray with divider


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100x58 cm
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (367 KB)
Assembly Instructions Download PDF (368 KB)
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Product Dimensions
Width: 96.5 cm
Frame, width: 100 cm
Depth: 56.3 cm
Height: 6.3 cm
Frame, depth: 58 cm
Max. load: 10 kg
Included products
Included products
KOMPLEMENT divider for pull-out tray (60246792)
Quantity: x1

KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray (70246386)
Quantity: x1
Pull-out tray:
Drawer front: Solid hardwood, Foil, Melamine foil
Drawer side: Fibreboard, Foil, Melamine foil
Drawer back/ Drawer bottom: Fibreboard, Foil
Divider for pull-out tray: SAN plastic
Key Features
Key Features
Whether you have a passion for shoes, a soft spot for sweaters or a fancy for jewellery and accessories, KOMPLEMENT interior organisers tailor your wardrobe to make the best use of available space.
Good to Know
Good to Know
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Ehlén Johansson
10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.You can easily see and reach your things since the tray pulls out.
Slides back slowly, silently and softly thanks to an integrated damper.The divider helps you keep small things like scarves, belts and ties organised and easy to find.
Larger compartments in the back and smaller ones in the front make everything easy to reach.